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Caciocavallo Silano DOP

Caciocavallo Silano DOP

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Stretched curd cheese, made with selected milk coming from the pastures of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park.

The origin of the name " CACIOCAVALLO " probably comes from the custom, as old as the cheese itself and still used today, of tying the wheels in pairs and hanging them across a beam to mature. It has become a cheese with a protected designation of origin (DOP), with the recognition of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 10.05.1993 as amended. by the PROVISION 07.29.2003.

How you do it?

Caciocavallo Silano DOP is still worked by hand today, according to an ancient process protected by the protection consortium. It is produced with cow's milk, the cheese produced is a compact stretched curd cheese which tends to flake as it matures.

How it looks...

Pasta: Homogeneous consistency with some small flakes, straw yellow in colour.

Rind: Thin, smooth, with a marked straw color; the surface may have slight indentations due to the ties placed in relation to the binding methods.

Smell: Typical smell with medium-low or medium aromatic intensity, depending on the seasoning.

Holes: very light holes, fine, sparse and irregularly distributed.

Hoof: The hoof (the part underneath the crust) must be present but not too thick and evident.

Cutting: Knives with a wide, thick blade should be used: each portion should have an equal amount of crust.

Temperature: Ideal at room temperature. The scent, aroma and even flavor are attenuated by the low temperature.

The pleasure in the mouth: the flavor is intense, initially sweet and melting, spicier as it matures, excellent grilled or fried.

Storage: In a cool place between +4°C and +14°C.


Raw cow's milk, salt, rennet. The product, in addition to containing milk, as can be seen from the list of ingredients, is obtained in a factory in which other products included neither in the list of allergens in Directive 2003/89/EC nor among the products of the European Directives Reg.EEC 1830 are processed /03

Nutritional values:

Average values ​​per 100g. Maturing for 30 days

Proteins 25.5%

Carbohydrates 6.5%

Total sugars 6.3%

Fats 23.0%

Saturated fats 14.7%

Sodium chloride 1.0%

Energy values Kcal 333 kj 1,386

Production processes:


Production begins with freshly milked raw cow's milk from no more than four consecutive milkings in the two days preceding the cheese-making days coming from farms located in the geographical area.


The milk must be coagulated at a temperature of 36-38°C using calf or kid rennet paste.


When the curd has reached the desired consistency, the maturation phase begins, an energetic lactic fermentation whose duration varies on average from 4 to 10. Maturation is completed when it is in a condition to be stretched when immersed in almost boiling water, it stretches into elastic, shiny, continuous and resistant fibres: that is, "row".


A characteristic operation follows consisting in the formation of a sort of cord which is shaped until the desired shape is reached.


The shapes thus shaped are immersed first in cooling water and then in brine. The salting takes place by immersion for a period of time that varies in relation to the weight, but in any case not less than 6 hours.


The modeling of the shape is achieved with energetic movements of the hands whereby the dough is compressed in such a way as to have a smooth external surface, without fraying or folds, and the internal part without voids. We then proceed to close the paste at the top of each individual piece.


The wheels are tied in pairs with special ties and suspended with poles in order to obtain maturation. The minimum duration of the maturing period is 30 days, but it can last longer


Fire branding "caciocavallo silano DOP"

Available whole from approximately 1.1 kg at €17.60 per kg and half vacuum-packed from approximately 550g at €18.50 per kg.

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