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De Nunzio Salumi

Sliced ​​headpiece

Sliced ​​headpiece

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Front part of the loin salted by hand, in natural casing.

From pigs born, raised and slaughtered in ITALY, coming from the national protected circuit.

Only salt and spices, without any additives.

Vacuum-packed slice of approximately 900g

Maturing 4/6 months

Ingredients: salt and cracked black pepper.

Price of vacuum-packed slice per Kg €26

The local " capicollo ", more properly called " capocollo ", is a cured meat known throughout Italy, but of which Campania is particularly proud.

The typical picnic sandwich can only be stuffed with capocollo and cheese!

De Nunzio Salumi 's capicollo is truly special because it contains the right amount of fat and a light and balanced marbling.

The flavor is therefore delicate and strong at the same time and, for this reason, it is appreciated by both adults and children.

How we prepare our capocollo

First of all, in order to obtain a high quality cured meat, you must choose only guaranteed meat. De Nunzio selects only pigs coming from the national protected circuit , which are fed in an adequate and balanced way, based on their natural needs.

The meat obtained is therefore rich in nutrients and, just like that of our ancestors, recalls the flavor of the true Irpinian tradition.

Without resorting to the use of any chemical additives, the capocollo is massaged by hand and sprinkled with sea salt .

This operation is carried out both to flavor everything and to protect the cured meat from any bacterial formation, given the total absence of artificial preservatives.

The meat for the capocollo is then obtained from the front part of the loin , which is trimmed, massaged and salted.

The maturation, which lasts around 4-6 months , is carried out in ventilated rooms with controlled humidity.

Once the period has passed, it is possible to slice our capicollo with a sharp knife or slicer and obtain the desired thickness.

The slice of capocollo is marbled and with more intense veins of fat on some sides, depending on the piece of meat obtained from the pig.

The relatively short maturation gives a soft cured meat , especially if cut thinly, perfect to eat at any time of the day.

The farmers of the past used to prepare a snack with homemade bread and capicollo , to be eaten mid-morning, so as not to prolong the wait until lunch and to regain the strength necessary to continue the hard work in the fields.

Today, however, we are lucky enough to enjoy so much goodness from the comfort of home!

By composing a platter or plate consisting of capocollo, other cured meats and cheeses, we can certainly make a tasty and genuine aperitif or starter .

To be accompanied preferably with a good red wine, with a tannic flavor and fruity aroma, such as the Aglianico Beneventano Caudium , or with a dry rosé sparkling wine, such as the Prestige Rosée from Masseria Frattasi.

Before buying, read here too

The quality of our products is given by the attention we place in processing and conservation, as well as in the selection of Italian meats from the national protected circuit.

Our cured meats are made using traditional methods, stuffed exclusively in natural casings and DO NOT contain:

- preservatives, but only natural salt and spices

- lactose

- allergens

- gluten

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Sliced ​​headpiece
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