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De Nunzio Salumi

Sopressata in oil in a fir box

Sopressata in oil in a fir box

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Sopressata in oil in a fir box: an elegant gift idea to bring on any occasion! An excellent food from the Irpinian tradition, matured and preserved in oil, all kept in a fir wood box. Enjoy for a unique experience in terms of flavor and style!

Sausage of selected ham and loin meats, coarsely ground, tied by hand, in oil, in natural casing.

From pigs born, raised and slaughtered in ITALY, coming from the national protected circuit.

Only salt and spices, without any additives.

Jar of approximately 1,150 kg

There suppressed it is a typical cured meat from Campania and other regions of southern Italy, which has survived to this day thanks to the peasant traditions handed down by our ancestors.

The wooded territories and flat, hilly and mountainous fields of Irpinia they have always been ideal places for agriculture and livestock breeding.

Just like a long time ago, we at the De Nunzio company today produce many typical gastronomic products with the utmost respect for traditional methods and with particular protection towards the territory and animals.

The pigs from which we obtain the meat all come from national protected circuit ; they are bred in a semi-wild state and receive a natural and well-balanced diet in proteins, fats, vitamins and mineral salts.

The resulting meat is therefore of very high quality , rich in nutrients and organoleptic properties.

How we prepare our soppressata

Our "sopressata", so called in dialect, is made with meat ham and loin , cut with a knife and coarsely minced.

Salt, spices and peppercorns whole ones flavor the meat obtained, without any addition of chemical additives, creating a perfect mixture rich in aromas!

It is inserted into strictly natural casings, therefore obtained from the intestines of slaughtered animals, which have been previously cleaned and sanitized.

In addition to compacting the meat, natural casings also have an important protective function from microbial formations.

In addition, they contribute to the exaltation of the flavors and the transpiration of the cured meats.

There hand binding with food twine it allows you to obtain soppressata of more or less similar sizes to each other, but not identical!

The cured meats obtained are dried in special cells, with controlled temperature and humidity.

Once the maturing phase is completed, the suppressed are inserted into glass jars sterile and covered with sunflower oil .

This type of oil allows for long and safe preservation, without modifying the flavor of the cured meats in any way.

The pieces of fat and the marbling balance and soften the consistency of the soppressata, making it pleasant to bite, whether cut into thin or larger rounds.

The soppressata seasoned in oil is perfect for a appetizers traditional peasant, as a delicacy during meals or as a special appetizer aperitif !i

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Sopressata in oil in a fir box
Sopressata in oil in a fir box
Sopressata in oil in a fir box
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