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RESERVE anchovy sauce

RESERVE anchovy sauce

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Colatura di Alici is the gold of Cetara, a delicious preparation that comes from a centuries-old tradition. The anchovies caught during the spring on the Amalfi Coast, by the fishing boats of Cetara, are processed a few hours after capture. The anchovies are gutted and subsequently placed inside a chestnut barrel, alternating them with layers of sea salt. Maturation times range from 18 to 30 months.

50 ml pack

Fished in the western Mediterranean Sea - FAO 37.1.3 - Purse seines.

INGREDIENTS: Anchovies, sea salt.



Fished at night and processed a few hours later, according to the centuries-old techniques of the Cetara tradition, Cetara Anchovies are an absolute gastronomic excellence of the waters of the Amalfi Coast. Armatore fishes anchovies seasonally along the waters of this magical coast, the setting for the evocative Night of the Lampare.


Those who practice sustainable fishing are committed to respecting the health of the seas through a series of measures that protect habitat, biodiversity and the long-term viability of the hunted species.

Sustainable fishing means RESPECT. Respect for marine wildlife through use

of selective fishing techniques and responsible sourcing only from stocks that are not overexploited, respect and support for fishing communities and consumers, respect for the environment through sustainable processing tools and ecological and recyclable packaging.


The sea is an extraordinary ecosystem that we are committed to always defending by taking only the necessary resources and observing a sustainability policy aimed at reducing waste and safeguarding marine communities and their habitat, to guarantee this heritage for future generations.

Our commitment is complete and concerns the entire production process:

• We only use selective fishing techniques

• We comply with the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries of the FAO – Fisheries Department

• We apply sustainable production methods and tools

• We use ecological and recyclable labels and packaging

• We guarantee maximum transparency on the label

• We offer support to coastal fishing communities

• We respect the consumer


Anchovies and bluefin tuna intended for Armatore products are caught within stocks that are not overfished, exclusively in designated areas, respecting FAO guidelines and only during permitted fishing periods.

Purse seine fishing is a highly selective method that allows you to take only what you need from the sea, protect unwanted species or those protected from accidental capture and safeguard the seabed.

We do not use FAD-DCPs (Fishing Aggregating Devices) which have a high impact on the marine system and are generally used in association with non-selective fishing techniques.

• Use of purse seine methods

• Compliance with TACs – Total allowable catch

• Respect for the capture period

Anchovies | 15 March – 15 October

Bluefin tuna | 25 May – 30 June


Armatore defends the sea but pays due attention to the entire production process, in fact, the factory in which we work and store Armatore products is self-sufficient from an energy point of view thanks to the use of renewable energy sources.

We also think about the future of the planet through packaging, choosing metal and glass, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and recyclable paper certified by FSC - Forest Stewardship Council, which indicates its sustainability as it is manufactured with wood coming from responsibly managed forests.


We are attentive to the environment and the needs of the consumer, but we also care about the community of people who work with us every day. We involve a large part of the coastal communities of Cetara who have supported themselves for decades with fishing and keep their collective identity alive.

Average nutritional information per 100g of product:

Energy value KJ 780
Energy value Kcal 187
Total fat substances 0.16
of which saturated 0.08
Total carbohydrates 0
of which sugars 0
Proteins 21
Fibers 0
salt 4.8

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RESERVE anchovy sauce
RESERVE anchovy sauce
RESERVE anchovy sauce
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