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Agricola Sannio wildflower honey

Agricola Sannio wildflower honey

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Millefiori honey produced and packaged in Sannio, 100% Italian.

This honey obtained the Gold award at the international competition "London Honey Awards 2021"

The competition, held in London, saw the participation of many nations, in addition to Italy, including Canada, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, South Korea, Greece, United Kingdom, Uganda, Yemen, Croatia, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand and Sweden.

Available in 250g and 500g jars

Wildflower honey is more complete than monofloral honey, as it contains pollen from different types of blooms.

It is useful in the treatment of flu conditions, helps to calm coughs and has antibacterial functions. It is a precious source of energy , useful for athletes, children, pregnant women, convalescents and the elderly.

Furthermore, according to some studies, wildflower honey is very useful for combating seasonal allergies . By taking small doses, people have noticed an improvement in their body's reactions.

Also very useful for the intestine and digestive system . It can eliminate constipation, balance bacterial levels and improve the overall efficiency of nutrient absorption.

Furthermore, it is also appreciated for purifying the liver and improving circulation. Finally, it is also an excellent ally for skin and hair .

Thanks to its antioxidants, it can improve the appearance and tone of the skin, reduce inflammation and promote the healing process.

Beware of false myths: it is not true that honey is only high quality if it is liquid. Crystallization is a natural process and is a sign of its genuineness . In other words, it is an intrinsic characteristic of honey. Only some types (for example that of acacia) do not undergo this transformation.

Crystallization occurs at different times, depending on the composition of the product. There is a precise rule: the higher the glucose content, the sooner the process occurs. Wildflower honey, for example, tends to crystallize quickly, after a few months.

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