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De Nunzio Salumi



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Largest muscular part of the rear leg of the pig, bone removed and not rind, trimmed, salted and massaged by hand.

From pigs born, raised and slaughtered in ITALY, coming from the national protected circuit.

Only salt and spices, without any additives.

Whole of about 6 kg

Seasoning : 12/18 months

Ingredients : only salt.

Full seasoned price per kg €32.00

Although many people know it as Culatello , we like to call it Prosciuttello , because in reality it is the best and most valuable part of the ham, i.e. the muscular and thickest part of the rear thigh.

The pigs from which we obtain our ham all come from the national protected circuit and receive foods that fully respect their real nutritional needs.

Therefore fed exclusively with natural feed and wild herbs, the pigs of the national protected circuit are not forced to grow and are raised in a semi-wild state, i.e. free to graze in large fenced areas.

This means that the meat obtained is of high quality , because it is rich in nutrients and well balanced in the quantities of fat and lean!

No food forcing and protection of the real essence of the animals also translates into easier manual processing , strictly required by the traditional methods we apply to our cured meats.

Our ham is recognized as PAT, a traditional Italian agri-food product!

How we prepare our ham

As we said, the ham is obtained from the largest and most muscular part of the thigh, therefore the processing starts from the selection of the piece and the cutting.

By eliminating the bone and keeping the rind, a rounded salami is obtained with a very high percentage of lean, slightly marbled meat and a small percentage of fat.

The piece is massaged by hand , without the use of any machinery, and covered with salt .

Once the time necessary for salting has elapsed, during which the ham takes on all the flavor and aromas obtained thanks to the salt, it is rinsed and cleaned of all excess liquids.

Before proceeding with the maturing, which will last at least ten months, our expert cured meat makers prepare a mixture of suet, pepper and rice flour to " sugnare " all the lean part that is not protected by the rind.

This allows for uniform curing and ensures that the meat does not harden at that point.

Once the maturing time has passed, the ham is ready to be eaten.

Cut thinly or with a knife, slightly thicker, the ham literally melts in your mouth.

It is perfect in appetizers or for a snack full of genuine and traditional flavours, simply accompanied by a slice of fresh bread or, for those who prefer, even sliced ​​cheeses.

Before buying, read here too

The quality of our products is given by the attention we place in processing and conservation, as well as in the selection of Italian meats from the national protected circuit.

Our cured meats are made using traditional methods, stuffed exclusively in natural casings and DO NOT contain:

- preservatives, but only natural salt and spices

- lactose

- allergens

- gluten

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