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Ham in oil

Ham in oil

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Pieces of cured raw ham in oil.

From pigs born, raised and slaughtered in ITALY, coming from the national protected circuit.

Only salt and spices, without any additives.

Weight : 400 g

Ingredients : ham, (chili pepper) and sunflower seed oil.

Ham in oil is a versatile delicacy to put on the table, as it is an ideal cured meat both for preparing a dinner with refined ingredients and for a quick meal to make on the fly.

Our diced ham in oil is made only with natural ingredients and for this reason it is particularly appreciated by our customers.

With its delicate spicy hint, ham in oil will really harmonize the tastes of your guests, even those of the most demanding palates.

How do we prepare ham in oil?

Ham in oil is obtained by processing a piece of high quality fresh meat.

For our hams we only choose pigs from the national protected circuit , born, raised and slaughtered in Italy.

Their diet, which consists exclusively of natural feed, is the most important thing for obtaining high-quality meat with well-balanced nutrients .

To make ham in oil, first of all we work the pork leg to obtain the ham to be cured.

The meat is massaged, subjected to salting and greasing and then left to mature in special ventilated cells at a controlled temperature.

During the period in which the ham is left to dry, periodic checks are carried out on the piece of meat to ensure that there are no alterations of any kind.

We follow traditional methods and do not use chemical additives, which is why we are keen to follow the transformation of our products step by step.

Once the cured raw ham has been obtained, our expert butchers select the part to be cut into cubes and put in oil.

In sterile glass jars, with a sprinkling of chilli pepper, the pieces of ham are covered with seed oil, an excellent natural preservative that does not adulterate the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Ham in oil is a delicacy that will make your appetizers original and very succulent!

Before buying, read here too

The quality of our products is given by the attention we place in processing and conservation, as well as in the selection of Italian meats from the national protected circuit.

Our cured meats are made using traditional methods, stuffed exclusively in natural casings and DO NOT contain:

preservatives, but only natural salt and spices

- lactose

- allergens

- gluten.

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