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De Nunzio Salumi

Seasoned stick sausage

Seasoned stick sausage

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Trimming meat sausage, slightly more drawn, medium grind, in natural casing.

From pigs born, raised and slaughtered in ITALY, coming from the national protected circuit.

Only salt and spices, without any additives.

1kg approx

Seasoning: 25/35 days

Ingredients: salt and pepper.

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Have you ever entered the cellar of a farmer who raises pigs for family consumption?

Have you noticed how neatly and carefully the seasoned stick sausage, salami and cheeses are placed at the top in the coolest and driest part?

It is precisely with the same accuracy and with the same love of a farmer who works hard for his family, that the De Nunzio Salumi staff deals with the production of excellent products!

The intent is to bring genuine flavors to the table, obtained according to tradition, with simple methods and without any chemical contamination.

The staff's work starts from the selection of the livestock, strictly belonging to the National Protected Circuit .

This guarantees maximum respect for the animal, ideal nutrition based on its needs and safe slaughter methods.

How we prepare our cured stick sausage

The meat coming from pigs from the National Protected Circuit has an excellent nutritional balance, is rich in micronutrients and retains a good balance of lean and fat.

Trimming parts of capocollo, shoulder and bacon is ideal for our seasoned stick sausage .

After the medium grinding performed on these cuts of meat, the mixture is flavored with sea salt and some natural spices.

By mixing everything carefully, you can already begin to smell the enveloping aroma which you will find as it is when you open the sausage, once it is ready.

The mixture is then inserted into natural casings , previously sterilized, and tied in two points, so as to obtain a pair of long sausages.

Once this is done, we move on to maturing, a very important moment, during which the sausage acquires greater flavor and reaches the right maturation.

The maturation takes place in well-ventilated rooms, with controlled temperatures, and lasts on average 25/30 days .

After this time, the seasoned stick sausage is ready to be served.

It is perfect placed on a platter of cured meats and cheeses, in an appetizer or, placed in small pieces in a small bowl, to eat as an aperitif together with other appetizers.

Depending on the foods with which it is served and the meal in which it is included, stick sausage is perfect if combined with a red or rosé wine, or with a dry sparkling wine.

Among the excellent wines in our store, you can find an Aglianico Irpino DOC , a Rosato del Taburno DOGT and an excellent extra dry Rosée Spumante .

Before buying, read here too

The quality of our products is given by the attention we place in processing and conservation, as well as in the selection of Italian meats from the national protected circuit.

Our cured meats are made using traditional methods, stuffed exclusively in natural casings and DO NOT contain:

- preservatives, but only natural salt and spices

- lactose

- allergens

- gluten

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Seasoned stick sausage
Seasoned stick sausage
Seasoned stick sausage
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