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De Nunzio Salumi

Cured sausage in oil

Cured sausage in oil

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Sausage in oil
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Selected ham and shoulder meat sausage, medium grind, in oil, in natural casing.

From pigs born, raised and slaughtered in ITALY, coming from the national protected circuit.

Only salt and spices, without any additives.

Ingredients: seasoned sausage, salt, pepper, sunflower seed oil.

Price per kg 1.2kg jar approximately €44.00

Price per kg 0.45kg jar approximately €46.00

Those who love peasant cuisine, typical of Irpinia and many other areas of southern Italy, know very well how special certain flavors are.

Cured sausage in oil is one of the key foods of these culinary traditions, which originate from the tireless work of our predecessors, who had the need to put aside as many stocks as possible for the whole year and therefore develop safe conservation methods.

Preservation in oil has in fact made it possible in the past to keep the characteristics of foods unaltered, which therefore did not undergo any changes either in their actual integrity or in their organoleptic characteristics.

In fact, it is well known that, in the absence of the much more modern refrigerator, attempts were made to use various preservation methods that would not cause food to spoil and would thus allow supplies to be made throughout the year.

Our ancestors have always been involved in agriculture and pastoralism and, thanks to their hard work, today we too have the opportunity to learn about the culinary traditions of the past and ancient preservation methods, which continue to be effective even today.

However, to obtain good products, worthy of this tradition, you must always start by procuring high quality raw materials .

The De Nunzio salami factory wants to guarantee only the best to its customers, which is why it begins by selecting livestock strictly belonging to the National Protected Circuit .

The pigs are raised in a semi-wild state and fed adequately based on their daily needs, prerogatives that ensure that the meat obtained is rich in nutrients and well balanced in part fat and lean.

The pigs of the National Protected Circuit are also raised and slaughtered exclusively in Italy .

How we prepare our cured sausage in oil

In order to obtain our delicious sausage cured in oil, we obtain some cuts of meat that we also use for the ham and the loin fillet: lean part of the thigh and back .

These are pieces with little innervation, mainly thin and malleable, which are therefore easily workable.

Lean meat makes up 2/3 of the mixture, while fatty meat makes up 1/3.

The pieces are cut and minced, and then sprinkled with salt and spices , including pepper and fennel.

Once the whole mixture has been mixed, it is inserted into the natural casing and, after tying, the sausages are left to mature.

The maturation takes place in well-ventilated rooms, where it is possible to control the temperature and the degree of humidity.

Once the maturing time has passed, the sausages are placed in sterile glass jars and covered entirely with sunflower seed oil .

The latter, in addition to aiding the preservation process, does not alter the flavor of the sausage in any way, thanks to its fairly neutral and delicate taste.

What to say? Just talking about this preparation makes your mouth water!

So how should we consume cured sausage in oil?

Let's say that there isn't a real rule: whether it's for a delicious picnic , an appetizer dedicated to the rediscovery of genuine flavors or a dinner with friends, you can never go wrong!

The cured sausage in oil is perfect on cutting boards , in starter and main courses, but also simply on fresh bread or bruschetta!

To further enhance its flavour, it would be advisable to accompany the sausage with a good red wine, such as Aglianico del Taburno , or with a double malt beer with a slightly bitter taste, such as Birra Morena Celtica Superior .

Before buying, read here too

The quality of our products is given by the attention we place in processing and conservation, as well as in the selection of Italian meats from the national protected circuit.

Our cured meats are made using traditional methods, stuffed exclusively in natural casings and DO NOT contain:

- preservatives, but only natural salt and spices

- lactose

- allergens

- gluten

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